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Tacoma. Hardwood & Laminate Installation,
Refinish & Hardwood Repairs.
In Tacoma & Surrounding Areas

Hardwood repairs and weave in

Hardwood Floor Installation &

From laminate, unfinished hardwood to prefinished , 
we do it all with a quality before quantity  mind set !  We take pride in word of mouth, We aim to please!

Hardwood high gloss water based

Hardwood. Refinish...... 

From Doug Fir to Maple, red and white oak, we can refinish your floor to the beauty it deserves. We are well versed in  Swedish, water-based and poly based finish.

Hardwood screen and coat

Screen & Coat/Buff & Coat

Just as its sounds.... Don't want to refinish your floor completely? maybe a budget issue, maybe a dust issue.....? If there are surface scratches that don't  run too deep, A simple buff and coat can make your floor look very presentable at a fraction of the cost an actual refinish would cost.

Our mission is to perform with the highest level of quality and service, at fair, competitive prices. we have over twenty years of experience to offer  yourTacoma.Hardwood flooring needs.  Our word-of-mouth success has been achieved through customer satisfaction in all areas, including timeliness, attention to detail, and a service-minded attitude. Don't Hesitate To Call!

Tacoma Flooring Pros
Your Local Tacoma Hardwood Pros 
We Serve Tacoma And Surrounding Areas. Installation & Refinishing, From Raw Wood To Prefinish, Refinish And Buff & Coats.

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