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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Services

Wood Floor Refinishing (aka Resurfacing): This process is used to revitalize wood floors with severe wear and tear.

  • First we sand the wood floors to remove the existing polyurethane or water based finishes.
  • We then use 24 grit, 60 grit, & 80 grit paper.
  • We buff the floors with 100 grit screen in order to smooth the floors and close the grain.
  • Next, we apply 3 coats of oil based polyurethane or 3 coats of water based finish.
  • Satin, semi gloss, & high gloss finishes are available.
  • We vacuum and buff the floors thoroughly before the application of each polyurethane coat.
  • Screen & Recoat: This process is used to revitalize wood floors with minor wear and tear.
  • We screen the wood floors in order to take off the top coat of polyurethane or water based finish.
  • We then apply one coat of polyurethane to revitalize the hardwood floors.


Tacoma Flooring Pros is a locally owned and operated hardwood floor installation & refinishing company which aims for perfection on every single job. Tacoma Flooring Pros believes you walk on our reputation! Each project we complete is designed to be a showcase item for our portfolio and your home, and we NEVER leave a mess behind.

Unlike other floor installation companies who may cut corners and skimp on material cost, our floors are guaranteed to last because we carefully select only the best quality materials. Since we improve the value of homes, our trade and product knowledge rivals the most seasoned professionals.

Since we survive primarily on word of mouth advertising, this website is the first investment we have made to promote our company.

Getting your floors sanded or replaced is a fantastic way to help sell your home, but for those wanting to renovate, a clean new floor will work wonders. Unlike carpet that retains unhealthy dust and grime, hardwood is clean, easy to maintain, and a healthier choice for homeowners who want to breath easy and enjoy their domestic lifestyle.

Tacoma Flooring Pros offer trustworthy, clean cut and professional service and always do we promise each and every time.

Contact us today for a free estimate on all your wood flooring needs!

Woods styles come in strips, planks, or parquet tiles with numerous edge treatments such as square, micro, and beveled edges. You choose from a wide range of stains to complement your décor and from several types of finishes including unfinished and prefinished / preengineered.

Another factor that determines the appearance of wood floors is the angle, or “cut,” of the grain. No matter what the species, construction or finish wood floor comes with one of three cuts: plainsawn, quartersawn or riftsawn.

Plainsawn is the most common cut. A plainsawn board contains a more open and varied grain patterns because the angle of the cut shows the growth rings more prominently. Quartersawn wood is cut at an angle that produces less board feet per log than plainsawn, therefore it can be more expensive. As for appearance, quartersawn wood is tighter-grained for a more consistent look, which many clients find desirable. Another benefit of quartersawn wood is that it tends to twist and cup less and wears more evenly. Riftsawn wood is similar to quartersawn in cost and benefits, but is cut at a different angle for a slightly different grain pattern.

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